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  • L E
    Please remove reserved councilmember parking spots, and please don’t tweet condescending “tips” for your constituents to read.

    Your tweet today was incredibly tone deaf, and I’m offended that this of all things was the first action you took on your first day in office.

    I voted for you. I am now questioning your judgement, disposition, and my own vote.
  • Chantal Reynolds
  • Richard Hart
    I met you at an event on Scott St. As an upright person, can you please repudiate the flyer from East Bay Working Families about developers donating to Abel Guillen’s campaign? As I understand it, one person donated $250 and the ethics committee has dismissed the complaint. We need truth in politics, now more than ever. Thanks
  • Steve Butler
    Dear Nikki Bas,

    I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with one of your volunteer precinct walkers named Victor. He impressed upon me the numerous reasons why we need new leadership in the City Council.

    I would like to also walk the sidewalks in my community to spread the word to my neighbors about the importance of voting on election day.
  • William Chorneau
    Be careful on the homeless issue. Abel is of course grandstanding. But what he is promoting as best I can tell from my research is the tiny homes being developed at Laney College, not tool sheds, although I do think he support the placing of homeless in tool sheds that has already been done by the city.
  • Emily Wheeler
    Hi Nikki, We at Friends of the Public Bank of Oakland are excited to see that you’ve included public banking in your platform. If you’d like more information about PBO, please do get in touch!