[POLICE BUDGET #5] Policy Updates + COVID News

I’m grateful for the many ways City Council, our District 2 neighbors, youth, community leaders, and organizers across Oakland have been working to cultivate relationships of care, love, and healing.

In this newsletter, you’ll find some of the reasons why I’m inspired and information on:

  • Recent policy wins to protect small businesses, tenants and workers
  • Preview of Tuesday’s Council meeting, including more on reimagining public safety
  • Solidarity in standing up for Black Lives in the Grand Lake neighborhood
  • Call to action supporting Oakland youth & families
  • COVID-19 and City updates, including County reopening information


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[ACTION ALERT] 3 Important Policies to Lift Up Oakland Small Businesses, Renters & Workers

The decisions we make now about how to recover from this economic and health crisis provide rare, promising opportunities -- not to “go back to normal” or the status quo, but to emerge as a stronger and more equitable city on the other side.

That’s why I’m writing to ask for your support of three important policies coming to City Council on Tuesday. These policies aim to protect Oakland small businessesrenters, and travel and hospitality workers from the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and to help address inequities that existed before the pandemic -- see below.


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[Police Budget #4] Revisiting budget amendments, reviewing 911 & non-emergency calls for service

This July 4th weekend, I’m reminded that our communities and country still have a very long way to go towards freedom for all, and I’m hopeful that in Oakland we will continue coming together to achieve this dream.  

As folks gather this weekend, I encourage us to look out for each other. The City is continuing its expanded efforts at Lake Merritt to manage parking, traffic and trash, as well as deploying Parks Ambassadors to hand out masks and promote physical distancing. We appreciate our City workers for providing these services, and our Firefighters who circled the Lake yesterday providing medical assistance, masks, and guidance to help ensure fire safety and address illegal fireworks. 

In this newsletter you’ll find:

  • Recap of last week’s Council meetings
  • Upcoming Council meetings and important agenda items
  • COVID-19 updates on paused reopening plans, emergency homelessness response and resources, parking changes and more


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[Police Budget #3] Reimagining Community Safety

Last week, I was very disappointed by the Council’s rush to approve a budget without transparency. However, after spending the weekend in the community with neighbors and grassroots organizations, I have renewed hope about reimagining community safety. See the first section below for more.

In this newsletter you’ll find:

  • Updates on our city budget process and community safety efforts
  • Updates on community wins for our students to experience police-free schools
  • Preview of this week’s important City Council activities, including tenant and worker protections and directives to undertake a thorough review of 911 and non-emergency police calls for service towards shifting to alternative responder models
  • An invitation to join a Community Town Hall to discuss my proposal to modernize Oakland’s business tax and make it more fair
  • Call to action to support Oakland's LGBTQ Community Center


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[Police Budget Update #2] Divert spending to meet community needs

It’s been just a few days since we celebrated Juneteenth. I’m hopeful that our Black brothers, sisters, ancestors, and all Oaklanders felt the abundance, joy, and power of community.

With recent news of alleged nooses and fake bodies at Lake Merritt, we must stand together with zero tolerance and community care. I’m inspired by how the Town responded immediately -- from the emergence of people-powered Community Patrol to artist-leaders like Kev Choice, DJ Lady Ryan and many more organizing healing efforts. This outpouring of love is what the real Oakland stands for.

If you have information, contact investigators at (510) 238- 3728 or the OPD Hate Crime Hotline at (510) 637-4283. You can remain anonymous. Meanwhile, we’ve called on City leaders to investigate and have been informed that there will be a full, thorough investigation. The City has also notified the FBI.

I also want to inform and ask for your support to spread the word about two important things happening soon:

  • An update on my efforts to improve community safety & redirect OPD funds during our city budgeting process 
  • My proposal to modernize Oakland’s business tax structure & benefit our small businesses.


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[Police Budget] What is safety? Investments in our community

To our Black brothers and sisters who are grieving and demanding change, I see and stand with you. To our community who has protested, testified at meetings, and sent thousands of messages to me and City leaders, I hear your calls for police accountability and for transformation of a system beyond reform.

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Small Business Reopening & Recovery, Your Input & Support Needed!

I’m inspired by how Oaklanders are staying strong, showing love and solidarity with the movement to support our Black brothers and sisters, continuing to shelter in place, and coming together to help our small businesses. 

In case you missed it, see my recent message on honoring George Floyd + Black Lives and working towards police accountability.

In this newsletter, you’ll find:

  • How my office, the City & community are helping small biz post-demonstrations
  • COVID-19 biz updates & resources for re-opening
  • Preview of Tuesday’s Council meeting


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Small Biz Tax Relief: My proposal for a progressive, fair change to our business tax

We’ve reached 3 months sheltering in place. As Black Lives Matter demonstrations continue nationwide, as we face an unprecedented health pandemic and economic recession, here in Oakland we must close a $120M budget gap.

I’ve heard loud and clear from hundreds of you: we must invest in visionary solutions that reimagine community safety and prosperity as the housing, jobs, and services we all need. 

The choices Oakland makes now about how to recover should focus NOT on “getting back to normal” but on moving towards a more just, fair, and equitable future, so that our children can live and thrive in our beloved Town, safely, affordably, and sustainably for years to come.


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Black Lives Matter - Honoring George Floyd + Supporting Small Businesses

With protests in our community over the last few days, what’s heavy on my mind and heart is the pain people are feeling because another Black brother / sister had their life unjustly taken. People across the country are saying his name: George Floyd. 

George was killed last Monday by the Minneapolis Police Department and it wasn’t until last Friday that one of the officers involved was arrested. People are protesting because they demand justice - that all four officers be arrested and charged. Until that happens we should expect more protests.


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Eviction moratorium extended to protect renters & small businesses

Heading into our 11th week sheltering in place, I'm inspired by recent wins for our community, such as the extension of my emergency eviction moratorium and a fall ballot initiative to provide Oakland youth with more political power!

In this newsletter you’ll find:

  • Updates on Oakland’s eviction moratorium extension
  • Efforts to grant youth voting power in school board elections
  • Local Health Emergency for Oakland’s Black Residents
  • COVID-19 Shelter in Place updates, moving to “Phase 2”
  • A preview of Tuesday’s Council meeting


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