Alicia Garza


Alicia Garza is co-founder of Black Lives Matter.

What does it mean to Alicia to be down for the town?

For Alicia, being down for the town means making sure that we work hard to preserve what makes Oakland incredible --- it's diverse communities, locally grown businesses, and making sure that all of Oakland's residents have access to the things we need to live well.

Alicia recently co-founded the Black Futures Lab and launched the Black Census Project as the first step in transforming Black communities into constituencies that build power in cities and states. They are talking to 200,000 Black people to ask what's important to them.

Our last census revealed that Oakland lost nearly 25% of our Black residents - 33,000 people. This project will lift up what matters to Black folks in our town and across the country. 

Here’s how you can support ALICIA and Team Down for the Town:


  1. Donate to Nikki’s campaign - Our goal is to raise at least $2,620 for the 26.2 miles we will run together. Can you donate $1, $2, $5 or $10 for each mile we run - $26, $52, $130 or $260? 
  2. Like Nikki‘s Facebook page and invite your friends to like it.
  3. Volunteer on race day (Sunday, March 25, 7am - 2pm) to cheer us on, take photos and give us water! Then celebrate at a community picnic 1 - 2pm near the playground next to the start line, look for the blue and green balloons. 


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