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It's been an honor to serve you on the Oakland City Council. As District 2 Councilmember and Council President, Nikki has been a strong advocate for working families, affordable housing, violence prevention and equitable neighborhood services. Your support will ensure that Nikki continues her progressive leadership for District 2 and Oakland for a second term, together with all of us. 

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Please make checks payable to:

Re-Elect Nikki F Bas for City Council 2022
490 Lake Park Ave #10787
Oakland CA 94610

FPPC# 1423821

Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Individuals, labor unions, businesses and political action committees can contribute a maximum of $900 per election. Broad-based political committees can contribute a maximum of $1,800 per election.  Contributions of $100 or more made in cash, by cashier’s check or money order are prohibited. Contributions from foreign nationals not admitted for permanent residency or contributions made in the name of another are prohibited.

The Oakland Campaign Reform Act limits campaign contributions by all persons (OMC §§3.12.050 and 3.12.060) and prohibits contributions during specified time periods from contractors doing business with the City of Oakland or the Oakland Unified School District (OMC §3.12.140).



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Larisa Casillas
Thomas Manley
Amie Fishman
Lisebeth Jacobs
Brian Hofer
Dashiel Johnson
Jacqueline Peters
Bijan Samati
Ginger Jui
Andrew Park
Dave Brown
David Cohen
Belma Gonzalez
John Urness
frances farmer
Donna Willmott
Amy Fitzgerald
Lauren Taylor
Nathaniel Bourell
jidan koon
Michelle Stivers
Dionisio A Rosario Jr
Vanessa Coe
David Foecke
Antonio Diaz
Christie Keith
Andrea Spagat
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