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  • Housing is a human right, 
  • Safe, healthy neighborhoods, and 
  • Responsible, community-empowered budgeting that meets every neighborhood’s needs.


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Tom Manley
Amie Fishman
Ginger Jui
David Cohen
Michelle Stivers
Vanessa Coe
Rachel Richman
Kriss Worthington
Gordon Douglas
Cayden Mak
Joshua Delfin
Jakada Imani
Karen Dea
Wei-Ling Huber
Darin Ranahan
Nicole Lee
Ces Rosales
Karen Weinstein
Colleen Fong
Anne Marks
Gary Jimenez
Miya Saika Chen
María Schindler
Jeremy Wolff
Dave Campbell
Katy Nunez-Adler
John Ryan
Mari Rose Taruc
Howard Kirsch
Melanie Berzon

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