Thank you! We're ready for 2018!

Thanks so much to all of you who helped me finish the year strong! My campaign for Oakland City Council, District 2 exceeded our first fundraising goal. We now have the resources we need to mount a serious, people-powered campaign to win!


I’m proud that so many people share my vision of an Oakland that includes and belongs to all of us. I’ve talked with neighbors who cherish Oakland’s culture and diversity and who also recognize that our growth has come at the expense of displacing our working class, black and brown communities; and this must end.

Our campaign will honor and protect the history, heart and soul of our communities, and innovate and fight for win-win solutions to make Oakland a model city with:

  • Affordable housing for all
  • Quality jobs and a thriving economy
  • Real community safety that transforms our justice system
  • Community services that deliver where they are needed most


And, each of these solutions must advance Oakland’s commitment to: racial justice, climate and environmental justice, and true democratic participation.

I am energized to make this vision real with you.

Here’s to a winning year!