Latest Community + Traffic Safety Updates, Latinx Heritage Month and More!

Wishing you and your loved ones peace during this time. 

As we celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, I'm honored to uplift the work of Latinx leaders across Oakland and District 2. I'm proud to honor Laura Rivas for her critical work at Garfield Elementary School as the Community Schools Manager where she has brought significant change and access to the surrounding community. 

Laura is the proud daughter of Mexican immigrant parents who were undocumented for most of her childhood, and were dealing with their own unresolved trauma. As the parent of two precious seeds (children) ages 9 and 13, Laura is committed to breaking generational curses and paving the way toward healing from the violence of colonization and displacement of brown bodies. Laura enjoys dancing to cumbias, hikes in the redwoods and cuddling with her two kids and their kittens. District 2 is grateful for Laura’s service, vision, and love for our community.

Council and Community Safety Updates

Community safety continues to be my top priority. I share your concerns and anger, and want you to know that your City is working hard and collaboratively for a safer Oakland. I remain committed to comprehensive safety solutions that I shared in my August newsletter:

  1. Addressing the root causes of violence and poverty,
  2. Preventing violence, retaliation and recidivism, and
  3. Improving response times to crises and solving more crimes.


At our October 3rd Council meeting, the City Council took these actions:

  • created an action plan for improvements and investments in our 9-1-1 system.  The Administration and Council detailed a plan to improve 9-1-1 staffing, implement and improve IT infrastructure, update an emergency operations plan, and invest an additional $2.5 million. Read more here in the Oaklandside. 
  • continued critical violence prevention programs, focusing on group and gang violence, gender-based violence, community healing and employment. I'm grateful to my budget team for adding funds to our two-year budget in June to make this possible, and to Mayor Thao and Public Safety Chair Rebecca Kaplan who identified costs savings to continue the employment programs. Thanks to the many people who shared your views and stories with us. Read more here in the East Bay Times. 


At Tuesday's October 17th Council meeting, Mayor Sheng Thao will give her State of the City address. I anticipate that she will address both short- and long-term issues, working to lay the foundation for a stronger City even as we stand together to meet the challenges of today. You may join us at 2pm at City Hall or watch on KTOP or Zoom. See the agenda for details. Some important items on our agenda include: 

  • Corridor Safety Ambassadors Grants (Item 6.17) — Last June, my Budget Team and I added $1 million per year to the biennial budget to support community ambassadors and safety measures in our commercial corridors, as requested by the business community. I’m proud to co-sponsor the Economic & Workforce Development Department’s proposal to focus the first year of these funds in high priority commercial corridors with the highest levels of crime, employment, and tax revenue and to ensure equity given how BIPOC communities and businesses are disproportionately impacted by current crime trends. I appreciate that District 2 neighborhoods will be included in the Downtown grant. I will continue to work with other D2 commercial corridors on neighborhood-specific safety measures. In addition, my direct community grant to Restore Oakland will support organizing small business corridors without a merchant’s organization to make business and corridor improvements in collaboration with our City departments. Learn more about community ambassadors here: 
  • Automated License Plate Reader Cameras (Item 10) — Mayor Thao secured $1.2 million from the State to install a new network of 300 automated license plate reader (ALPR) cameras throughout Oakland. These cameras would allow law enforcement to identify and track vehicles involved in criminal activity, in real time, using license plate, make, model, color, and unique features of a vehicle. Last Thursday, the Privacy Advisory Commission recommended a use policy for Council approval. Council will consider the policy this Tuesday along with the appropriation of state funds and the purchase of Flock Safety  cameras. Learn more here from Mayor Thao. Read more from CBS News. 

  • Flex Streets Program Public Street Closures (Item 6.18) — Many businesses have shared positive feedback about the City's Flex Streets Program, and Councilmember Fife is sponsoring legislation to reinstate the program until December 31, 2025. This would facilitate public street closures for restaurant, retail, café, parklet, and other businesses to close and use public right-of-ways to encourage public safety, business development, and healthy outdoor use and enjoyment of public spaces. 


View and download the meeting agenda here for information on attending/commenting in person or Zoom. Share E-comments here. E-comments are an official part of the public record, and close 24 hours prior to the meeting. 

Law Enforcement Updates

In case you missed these updates, the City and OPD are focused on improving response and solving more crimes:


Traffic Safety Updates

We are heartbroken by the five lives lost to recent traffic violence. 128 people were killed by traffic violence between 2019 and 2022 in Oakland. To address this safety problem, Oakland launched the Safe Oakland Streets (SOS) initiative. These recent tragedies underscore the urgency of traffic safety solutions, especially along our High Injury Network which has the highest levels of traffic injuries and fatalities. 

Oakland and California are addressing one of the primary factors contributing to traffic violence — speed. 


Oakland is also improving our infrastructure as OakDOT implements near and long-term capital projects that equitably address traffic safety. 

  • I recently met with OakDOT and AC Transit about the "Quick Build" project along International Blvd. to increase traffic safety. Please stayed tuned for a community meeting this Fall to hear more about the projects which include interventions in District 2 corridors where traffic injuries and fatalities have occured. 
  • I have also met with the family of Maia, a 4 year old whose life was lost after a bike collision on Lakeshore Ave. After advocating together for a near-term solution, OakDOT has agreed to create protected bike lanes on Lakeshore — years ahead of schedule, as it continues to equitably address safety in our High Injury Network.


Thank you for your continued partnership with me, my Office and Oakland to improve our City. 


9/29 Joining Assemblymember Mia Bonta at Fire Station 4: Oakland scored a big win in our State budget, thanks to Asm. Mia Bonta. Our collective advocacy resulted in $5 million to support a new Fire Station 4 to serve Central Oakland and create a permanent homebase for MACRO. Asm. Bonta and I joined Interim Fire Chief Damon Covington and the station's firefighters. We toured the over 100 years old fire station where horse-drawn fire trucks were first used and had a great history lesson. I look forward to working with the Oakland Fire Department and MACRO to ensure greater community safety as we work to build a new home for our firefighters and MACRO responders. Thanks again for championing this effort at the State, Asm. Bonta!

10/5 Kaiser Healthcare Workers Strike: I’m proud to have stood in solidarity with striking Kaiser workers. This was the largest healthcare workers strike in US history. Their goals are simple: bargain in good faith, respect workers, and ensure safe staffing to protect patient care. Congrats on reaching a tentative agreement!

10/6-7 St. Vartan’s Armenian Food Festival: Due to an unfortunate power outage, the Armenian Food Fest had to change programming, however, the community still came together to make it work! I want to send a huge shout out and thank you to Kim Bardakian, who went above and beyond to make sure that the Festival came to fruition, and still made it happen in the face of a power outage. Thank you for all your hard work bringing our community together! 

10/8 Little Saigon Monthly Cleanup: My staff joined a small but mighty volunteer crew at the monthly Clinton Park/Little Saigon Adopt-A-Spot Cleanup, which was hosted by the Oakland Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and the Tzu-Chi Buddhist Foundation. A huge thank you to everyone who came out to beautify our neighborhood. 

10/9 MACRO Completes 18 Month Pilot: 

It was remarkable to be able to share space with the dedicated first responders of MACRO and the Oakland Fire Department to celebrate the completion of the 18 month pilot. We have come this far thanks to the advocacy of community members and the leadership of Councilmember Kaplan who championed this pilot. 

When Councilmember Kalb and I wrote the original ordinance to create  MACRO in the Fire Department, we were thoughtful about ensuring that this extremely necessary resource becomes an ongoing part of the City. We know that more than 60% of the calls that our 911 call center receives are non-violent, which only proves how important alternative methods to crisis response are. 

I deeply appreciate the work, effort, energy, and spirit that our first responders have put into MACRO over the last 18 months. Let’s continue to learn and grow MACRO to be an effective resource for Oaklanders who need care and attention. Thank you to our MACRO team, Program Manager Elliott Jones, Division Manager Vena Sword-Ratliff and Interim Fire Chief Damon Covington! CM Reid and I appreciated joining you to mark this milestone. 


10/10 SAHA E. 12th St. Affordable Housing Project Community Meeting: What a joy to join Satellite Affordable Housing Associates (SAHA), their design team, and Eastlake United for Justice at Dewey Academy for a community meeting on the E12th St. People’s Development Proposal. As one of two 100% affordable housing projects planned for the E. 12th St. parcel, this project has been a long-time coming, and is continuing to incorporate community input at this early stage. For more information on the project and to get involved, contact Edward Horn, [email protected] or visit


10/10 DA Price Launches Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign:

I joined District Attorney Pamela Price and community advocates to launch an awareness campaign to end human trafficking, with new billboards at Oakland Airport. 

Trafficking of people for their labor has gone on for generations — from slavery, to workers in our fields and garment factories, to sexual exploitation. We need to call it what it is — human exploitation, and address the root causes that perpetuate this harm, as well as the shorter-term interventions that disrupt it.

Human trafficking exploits our children and primarily Black and Brown women. It impacts our communities in our homes, schools, churches, parks and businesses. Today, we are witnessing increasing gun violence that accompanies trafficking, which has resulted in lives lost. All of this is unacceptable. 

As Councilmember for Oakland’s District 2 where street level human trafficking persists, I’ve worked with OPD to focus operations on the exploiters; with the Department of Violence Prevention to increase outreach and services to women and children; and with OakDOT to make environmental improvements including better lighting, speed bumps and traffic diverters. 

And all of us must do much more. We need to ensure justice and accountability for those harming others, and resources and diversion for those being exploited — providing food on the table, a roof over one’s head and a job to pay the bills. 

I’m looking forward to more action as Mayor Thao convenes her Advisory Council on Human Trafficking on October 18, 3-5pm at 300 Frank Ogawa Plaza. Community members who work to address human trafficking and/or are impacted by human trafficking directly are encouraged to attend. Please RSVP here.


10/12 Broadway Streetscape Open House: I appreciated everyone who joined the OakDOT Broadway Streetscape Open House to learn about the projects and share your input. These transportation improvements are an important way to address traffic safety. Your voices are critical to shaping the projects to best meet community needs. Learn more at the links below: 

Broadway from 2nd St. to 11th St., and 20th St. to Grand Ave.
Martin Luther King Jr. Way from 2nd St. to 14th St.
7th Street from Mandela Parkway to Martin Luther King Jr. Way


10/12 Farewell To City Auditor Courtney Ruby: I was happy to share my thanks and farewells with Courtney Ruby, who is departing as the Oakland City Auditor. We appreciate Auditor Ruby for all of her service to Oakland residents, especially her partnership with me to complete two important audits of Oakland's homeless programs. Learn more about her 13 years with Oakland from The Oaklandside. 

10/12 Lincoln Summer Nights Finale - Fall Harvest Festival: With the October Harvest theme, I am grateful for the community in Chinatown including the Oakland Chinatown Coalition, Friends of Lincoln Square Park, APEN, Director Gilbert Gong, and the staff and volunteers at the Lincoln Recreation Center for finishing out our 7th year of Lincoln Summer Nights! I’ve enjoyed coming to several of the Lincoln Summer Nights, including the Back to School and Mid-Autumn Festival themed events. I love seeing our community — old and young, families and friends, locally and from across our beloved Oakland, coming together to be in community — all the more important as we come out of COVID and safely reconnect with one another while enjoying music, arts and crafts, community resources, and more.


10/12 Youth Vote @ Fremont High School: My staff was glad to attend and support the Youth Vote educational candidate forum for the District 5 seat for Oakland Unified School District. It was amazing to see the number of young people and families that came out to hear the candidates speak, and ask hard questions about candidates that youth may have the opportunity to vote for in the upcoming 2024 school board elections. As a co-author of Measure QQ, which enables the City of Oakland to amend the City Charter to allow for youth aged 16 - 17 to vote in their local school district elections, I am proud to see the work of engaging and uplifting the leadership of young people in our communities, and look forward to seeing Youth Vote implemented for both Oakland and Berkeley.  


10/13 Autumn Lights Festival: I had an amazing time, as always, at the Autumn Lights Festival, where I participated with others in awarding the incredible artists for their intricate and mesmerizing illuminated garden installations. Two of the awardees were Clive Brown (left, honored by me for Garden Queen) and Erin St. Blaine (right, honored by CM Kalb for Mermaid Glimmer's Jellyfish Grotto). A huge thank you to the Friends of the Gardens at Lake Merritt and all the volunteers for hosting another amazing event in service of maintaining our beautiful gardens at Lake Merritt! 


Tuesday 10/17: Council Meeting Preview

Mayor's State of the City, Latinx Heritage Month, Safety Ambassadors, Citywide Safety Cameras, and more!

Our next Oakland City Council meeting is on Tuesday, October 17 at 2pm. Highlights include: 


  • Item 3.1: State of the City, an oral report from Mayor Sheng Thao

  • Item 3.2: National Hispanic Heritage Month - Honoring Hispanic/Latinx Community Leaders, from Councilmember Gallo



  • Item 6.6: Limited Public Finance Act of 2024, from Council President Bas, Councilmember Fife and the Public Ethics Commission
    • An ordinance to temporarily restore Public Campaign Financing for 2024

  • Item 6.7: Lobbyist Registration Act, from Council President Bas, Councilmember Fife and the Public Ethics Commission
    • An ordinance to include new fees and waivers, mandate lobbyist trainings, and modify the information asked in the required filings for lobbyists

  • Item 6.8: District 2 Mural Fund Grant for Chinatown Kitchen Kids Mural Project, from Council President Bas
    • A resolution to allocate $28,000 from the District 2 Mural Fund for a mural in Chinatown with Community Rejuvenation Project

  • Item 6.9: A Resolution Opposing Banned Books, from Councilmember Kalb
    • A resolution opposing the banning of books, supporting the rights of individuals to access different materials, opposing censorship, and supporting libraries

  • Item 6.17: Corridor Safety Ambassador Grants, from Council President Bas, Councilmember Fife, Councilmember Kaplan, Councilmember Reid, and the Economic & Workforce Development Department
    • A resolution to Award Grant Agreements For The 2023-2024 Corridor Safety Ambassador Program To Immediately Enhance Security Ambassador And Personnel And Safety Programs During The 2023 Holiday Shopping Season And Throughout The Program Year In High Priority Neighborhood Business Corridors Including The Downtown, Hegenberger, And Fruitvale, Commercial Corridors
  • Item 6.18: Flex Streets Program Public Street Closures, from Councilmember Fife 
    • An ordinance Reinstating The Portion Of The Flex Streets Program Facilitating Public Street Closures For Restaurant, Retail, Café, Parklet, And Other Businesses To Close And Use Public Right-Of-Ways To Encourage Public Safety, Business Development, And Healthy Outdoor Use And Enjoyment Of Public Spaces; And Creating A New Sunset Date Of December 31, 2025 For Public Street Closures As Part Of The Flex Streets Program



  • Item 9: Centro Legal De La Raza, Inc., Grant Agreement For Tenant Legal Services, from the Housing and Community Development Department
    • Resolution Awarding A Grant Agreement To Centro Legal De La Raza, Inc. For An Amount Not To Exceed One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) To Provide Tenant Legal Services And Eviction Protection
  • Item 10: OPD License Plate Readers, State Funding for License Plate Readers, and FLOCK Contract, from Oakland Police Department and Councilmembers Jenkins, Kaplan, Kalb and Gallo
    • Resolution: (1) Approving The Oakland Police Department’s Revised Automated License Plate Reader Use (ALPR) Policy; (2) Authorizing The City Administrator To Enter Into An Agreement To Accept And Appropriate One Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,200,000) In State Loan Funding To Purchase ALPR Technology And Services; (3) Award A Three-Year Agreement To Flock Safety For Acquisition Of ALPR Technology And Related Services At A Cost Of One Million Seventy-Seven Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1,077,500) For The First Year, Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars ($900,000) Per Year For Years Two And Three, For A Total Amount Not To Exceed Two Million Eight Hundred Seventy-Seven Thousand And Five Hundred Dollars ($2,877,500); And (4) Waiving The Competitive Multiple-Step Solicitation Process Required For The Acquisition Of Information Technology Systems And Waiving The Local And Small Local Business Enterprise Program Requirements


Upcoming Committee Meetings:

  • Rules & Legislation Committee: October 19th @ 10:30am
  • Finance & Management Committee: October 24th, @ 9:30am
  • Public Works and Transportation Committee: October 24th, @ 11:30am 
  • Community and Economic Development Committee October 24th, @ 1:00pm
  • Life Enrichment Committee: October 24th, @ 4:00pm
  • Public Safety Committee: October 24th, @ 6:00pm
  • Rules & Legislation Committee: October 26th @ 10:30am


There are several items on our Council agenda of public interest. View and download the meeting agenda here, and share E-comments here. E-comments are an official part of the public record, and close 24 hours prior to the meeting. 

⭐️ Community Calendar ⭐️

10/16 HAWG Meeting: The next Homeless Advocates Working Group meeting will be held over Zoom from 4 - 6pm. On this week’s agenda is a presentation from Assistant City Administrator LaTonda Simmons, who oversees and runs the Encampment Management Team.

10/16 Oakland Love Life Kick-Off Press Conference: At 9:30am at Frank Ogawa Plaza, the City of Oakland is kicking off Love Life Week with an inaugural press conference to share the events for the week, and to celebrate and continue the work of violence prevention and healing. 

10/17 Cleveland Heights Neighborhood: The Cleveland Heights Neighborhood Council will re-start and meet on October 17th from 6-7:30pm on Zoom.  For more info and the Zoom link, contact Jason Wallace, Neighborhood Services Coordinator at: [email protected].

10/17 AC Transit’s Redistricting Workshop: These virtual workshops will offer insights into the Board’s guidance and decisions from the October 4 redistricting hearing. The workshops will also provide a platform for further public feedback, suggested revisions, alternate plans, and election sequencing. A significant public hearing is also scheduled for October 25 at 6pm, where the Board is expected to provide final direction on the selection of one map with new ward boundaries and sequence of elections. Your insights and feedback will be invaluable in the selection of a final seven-ward map! Join on October 17 at 6:30pm, Virtual via Zoom.


10/18 Grand Lake Neighbors Meeting: The next Grand Lake Neighbors meeting will be at Barnett Hall at the Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church from 7 - 8:30pm. All neighbors are welcome! For more info, contact: [email protected].

10/18 YEP 50th Anniversary & Dorm Opening: The Youth Employment Partnership is celebrating their 50th anniversary by unveiling and opening their Transition Aged Youth Housing Dorms in the San Antonio neighborhood! This is a huge step forward in ensuring that our youth are resourced, employed, and protected against the circumstances that would leave them houseless. Learn more about YEP's housing work here.

10/18 Mayor’s Advisory Council On Human Trafficking: The Mayor’s Advisory Council on Human Trafficking will launch on October 18, 3-5pm at 300 Frank Ogawa Plaza. Community members who work to address human trafficking and/or are impacted by human trafficking directly are encouraged to attend. Please RSVP here.

10/18 Oakland Love Life Week Community Day of Service: In collaboration with local organizers, the City will partner and support a day of community service, which will include feeding those in unhoused encampments in Oakland, sponsoring a clothing drive, and distribution of resources.

10/19: Oakland Love Life Week Community Healing Summit: Make sure to get your tickets for the Community Healing Summit, taking place on Thursday, October 19 from 6-8pm at Oakstop, 2323 Broadway. This summit is a fantastic opportunity for solution-oriented individuals, passionate about restorative justice, violence prevention, and public safety to come together and share ideas. With a diverse group of speakers, the summit aims to empower attendees with practical tools and strategies for creating positive change in their communities. Don't miss out on this unique gathering of civic and community leaders, who are committed to making a difference. 

10/20-21 Civic Design Studio, CURYJ, & E14 Gallery -  Honoring Our Ancestors: Community! You are cordially invited to the 4th Annual Honoring Our Ancestors 2-Day event co-hosted in Old Oakland by E14 Gallery, with support from CURYJ and a host of organizations and community members. The 2-Day event spans Friday, Oct 20 5-8pm, to Saturday, Oct 21, 12-4pm at 9th and Broadway, and will even have the street closed overnight! The focus of this year's celebration is to Honor Our Ancestors, and foster unity & respect in our Oakland community. There will be Aztec, Cambodian, Chinese and other ceremonies throughout the 2 days, and 20+ altars from the community on the street. If you or anyone you know are interested in participating by hosting an altar, please sign up here to reserve a spot. The street parking spots on 9th St. will be used for altars, one space per sign up. Can’t wait to see you all there!

10/20 Oakland Love Life Day of Celebration: The 2nd annual celebration will uplift the City’s official motto of “Oakland Love Life”, with music, art, culture, honoring community leaders, community resources, food and fun. This year's event will include a presentation of “Oakland Love Life Hero Awards” by Mayor Sheng Thao, live performances from Digital Underground, Kev Choice, Oakland Poet Laureate Ayodele Nzinga, and special guests. 

10/21 Grand Lake Farmers Market/AIM 25th Anniversary: Stop by the Grand Lake Farmers Market from 8am to 1pm to celebrate its 25th year! Operated by the Agricultural Institute of Marin (AIM), the Grand Lake Farmers Market at Splashpad Park is an amazing space for fresh foods, vendors, and community. Stop by!

10/21 D2 Office Hours: While you are at the Grand Lake Farmers Marker, come out to my next Office Hours from 11:30am - 1:30pm. Sign up here to make an appointment.

10/21 Love Life Foundation Gala: Join in community as we end Love Life Week with it’s Foundation Black Tie Gala! The Silent Auction and cocktails start at 5pm, and the program begins at 6pm. There’s dinner, live entertainment with Ariel Marin and DJ dancing to follow, plus surprise guests and honorees Emory Douglas, Council Members Carol Fife and Treva Reid, Ahmed Ali Bob, Kev Choice and more. Make sure to bring an unwrapped toy for the toy drive! Donations can be made at Please call 510-473-5997 for more information

10/21 The Oakland Symphony’s signature Playlist returns to celebrate Angela Y. Davis. Activist. Educator. Conscience of a generation. She will share the music that inspired her courage and her commitment. Hosted by W. Kamau Bell. Information and tickets here. 

10/22 Splash Pad Park Monthly Volunteer Day: A monthly work day in Splash Pad Park’s California Native Garden (across from the Grand Lake Theatre), the Volunteer Day is the 4th Sunday of every month from 9 am - 12 noon. Gloves and tools will be provided or you can bring your own. For more information, reach out to [email protected].

10/22 Lincoln Elementary School Walk-A-Thon: Come out and participate in the 14th Annual Lincoln Elementary School Walk-A-Thon from 9:45am - 12noon! Hosted by the PTO at Lincoln, the event will also feature a rededication of a relocated mosaic mural honoring Caroline Yee during the opening ceremony. 

10/24 Jack London Neighborhood Council: The Jack London NC will meet on from 6:15pm - 7pm. You can sign up and get more information for your NC here.

10/25 Sherry Hirota Street Unveiling: Sherry Hirota Way, the block of Alice Street between 9th and 10th Street, is named as a tribute to Asian Health Services’ five decades of community impact and engagement, and its mighty team of professionals and their leadership, service, advocacy, and compassion, then and now. Come celebrate with us! The event will be held at Sherry Hirota Way between 9th and 10th Streets, (formerly known as Alice Street), Oakland on October 25 from 11am - 1pm.

10/28 Bella Vista Halloween Block Party: Neighbors! Make sure to come out to the Bella Vista Halloween Block Party, held on 11th Ave between E. 19th St. and E. 20th St. from 5 - 8pm, to show off your costume, grab some candy, and have some fun! 

10/29 Dia De Los Muertos Celebration: For 28 years, the annual Oakland Día de los Muertos Festival has welcomed tens of thousands of visitors to the vibrant, culturally-rich Fruitvale neighborhood for a free, outdoor, family-friendly event taking place to commemorate the Mexican traditions around the Día de los Muertos. Festival attendees enjoy world-class live music, family-friendly games, rides and activities, traditional Latin American artisans, and the stunning altares created by community members paying homage to los Muertos. The 2023 Oakland Dia de los Muertos will take place on Sunday, October 29th from 10am to 5pm on International Blvd.  between Fruitvale Avenue and 42nd Avenue.

10/29 3rd Annual Street Soccer USA Cup Oakland Unity Match: On behalf of Street Soccer USA, the Oakland Roots and Soul, and The Unity Council, residents are cordially invited to participate in the event from 2-3pm at the Dia De Los Muertos Celebration! 

10/31 San Antonio’s “Halloween On E. 15th St.: Come celebrate and have a family-friendly, spooktakular time at the San Antonio Neighborhood Trick Or Treat on E. 15th St. from 4 - 7pm, between 16th Ave and 22nd Ave! Get your costumes and candy bags ready, and we’ll see you there!

11/2 Grand Ave Art Walk: Residents! Come out the Grand Avenue Art Walk and see art from local artists, grab cool wares from merchants, and let’s make this a beautiful evening of art, community, joy and support. Festivities start at 6pm through 8pm!

11/3-4 Luna Mexicana: Oakland Ballet will perform Luna Mexicana, one of the Bay Area’s most elaborate and inclusive Dia de los Muertos events. Like the celebration that inspires it, Luna Mexicana is a beautiful blend of exuberant dance, joyful music, colorful costumes, flowers, candles, food, and – most of all – celebration of family. Information and tickets here. 

🏛 City & District 2 News and Resources 🏛

Neighborhood Updates: 

Downtown & Jack London

  • In our Jack London Neighborhood, business owners and residents alike may have noticed the OPD Watch Tower that was visiting the community a few weeks ago. The Watch Tower is another tool OPD is using as a visual deterrent to crime, along with our CRO Officer Templemen, and continued Neighborhood Council meetings on the last Tuesday of every month, led by Jenn Newman.
  • Some things to pay attention to are: the possible incoming IKE SMART City Kiosks, which are a marketing tool for local vendors to better spread information about their businesses, and to better help residents and those who visit navigate the City; as well as the upcoming AC Transit Redistricting meetings, which will have opportunities for residents to share their voice this month. 


Chinatown, Clinton/Little Saigon

  • For Chinatown: Check out our Chinatown Newsletter with updates and information pertaining to the neighborhood. You can read it in Chinese and English
  • For Clinton/Little Saigon: Developing a renewed community vision for Clinton Recreation Center! We heard you loud and clear: At the Clinton Rec Center in Little Saigon, people from our recent survey want to see cultural events like music and dance performances, art classes, and night markets, as well as community services like food distribution, language classes, and more. The District 2 Office is partnering with organizations like the Oakland Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce, Trybe, and more to reactivate Clinton Rec Center and Park and help improve safety for the surrounding community. For more information on how to get involved, contact Amaya Lin at [email protected]



  • Cleveland Heights Neighborhood Council is meeting on Tuesday, October 17 at 6pm, and will be on Zoom. 
  • Bella Vista Halloween Block Party is on Saturday, October 28, 5-8pm: Neighbors! Make sure to come out to the Bella Vista Halloween Block Party, held on 11th Ave between E. 19th St. and E. 20th St. to show off your costume, grab some candy, and have some fun! 
  • The E 12th St. Parcel at 2nd Ave will have two 100% affordable housing projects. Satellite Affordable Housing Associates is seeking community input on its project with Eastlake United for Justice. For more information on the project and to get involved, contact Edward Horn, [email protected] or visit


Grand Lake

  • We are coordinating with Public Works staff, Lakeshore BID and Grand Ave Business Association to have pressure washing of sidewalks done in the weeks ahead as requested by local businesses.
  • Grand Lake Neighbors is meeting Wednesday, October 18 at 7pm in Barnett Hall at the Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church. At the last meeting we met the new foot patrol team and began to develop neighborhood safety projects. 
  • Office hours with Council President Bas will be held at the Grand Lake Farmer’s Market on Saturday, October 21 from 11:30am-1:30pm. Sign up here to make an appointment.


San Antonio

  • In the San Antonio Neighborhood, the Neighborhood Council is gearing up for another fantastic Halloween on E. 15th St. on October 31 from 4-7pm! Led by Chair Katie Schwarz and supported by residents like Ray Pisano, the Neighborhood Council is continuing the tradition of holding a community-wide Halloween to encourage community building and make our public spaces safer. Residents are also planning a quick cleanup before the event, so make sure to watch out for more information. If you live in the San Antonio area, you won’t want to miss it! For more information on how to get involved, contact Eric Adams at [email protected]
  • The Mayor’s Advisory Council on Human Trafficking will launch on October 18, 3-5pm at 300 Frank Ogawa Plaza. Community members who work to address human trafficking and/or are impacted by human trafficking directly are encouraged to attend. Please RSVP here.




Urban Forest Plan: The City of Oakland is creating its first Urban Forest Plan -- a document that will guide the care of Oakland's Trees over the next 50 years. Learn more at:

Oakland Library Feasibility Study: The Oakland Main Library Feasibility Study Team has a series of upcoming events! Community Workshops are coming up in Chinatown, West and North Oakland, along with Street Labs across the city. The next workshops will be at East Side Arts Alliance on October 19th & at deFremery Park on October 25th! For more information on upcoming events and to sign up for updates, please visit the City of Oakland website.

Sidewalk Parking: At the September 12, 2023 Public Works and Transportation Committee meeting, the Committee received an informational report on sidewalk parking that clarifies parking on sidewalks is illegal under federal, state and local laws; this ensures that the public right of way is available to pedestrians. This issue impacts narrow streets across the City including in District 2, where streets such as Underhills and Hillsborough have engaged with our office. This Fall, OakDOT will conduct education and engagement, and work to ensure consistency in enforcement. In November, staff will issue warning citations. Full enforcement will resume on January 1, 2024. Please stayed tuned for Neighborhood Council meetings where OakDOT will engage to address issues, such as ensuring the passage of emergency vehicles, which require 14 feet of access according to the Fire Department. View the reports here, and watch the Committee meeting here (minute 12:45)


Incentive Finder from East Bay Community Energy
Are you planning a home energy efficiency upgrade? Do you have your eye on that hot, new electric vehicle? It can be exhausting and confusing to wade through all the potential incentives out there! East Bay Community Energy launched an incentive finder to help you navigate the process. 

One-Stop Permit Center Expands Hours!
Oakland's One-Stop Permit Center has expanded its hours to serve residents and contractors better. Monday walk-in services have expanded by two hours. Walk-in services are now Mondays from 9 am - 3 pm, and Wednesdays from 10 am - 2 pm. Appointments are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am - 4 pm.

Our Boards & Commissions have vacancies! Apply today!
To advance a #PeoplePoweredGovernment, we need residents like YOU to join our Boards and Commissions! There are nearly forty boards and commissions, each with a specific stake in keeping Oakland running. Check out vacancies and apply today! Learn more in the Oaklandside. Some Boards and Commissions you may be interested in are:

  • Police Commission Selection Panel
  • Community Policing Advisory Board
  • Children’s Fund Planning & Oversight Committee
  • Affordable Housing & Infrastructure Bond Public Oversight Committee
  • Commission on Persons with Disabilities
  • Cultural Affairs Commission
  • Public Art Advisory Commission
  • Library Advisory Commission


Become a Public Ethic Commissioner:
Help shape accountable and transparent government in Oakland! The Public Ethics Commission is seeking community members with a passion for public service and a commitment to strengthening local democracy to serve a three-year term as a volunteer Ethics Commissioner. The Public Ethics Commission is an independent commission made up of Oakland residents dedicated to ensuring Oakland government is open, honest, fair, and trustworthy. The Commission recommends policy changes to, educates the public and regulated parties on, and enforces Oakland’s government ethics, campaign finance, lobbying, and transparency laws. Commissioners must be Oakland registered voters and cannot have an employment or contractual relationship with the City or be a City lobbyist. To learn more about the Commission, requirements to serve as a commissioner, and to apply, visit: Applications are being accepted between now and October 27.

Abandoned Autos 

The City of Oakland prefers you to use these contacts for abandoned vehicles (over 311 or 911).

  • Call - Vehicle Abatement Detail at (510) 777-8538 and leave a voicemail message or
    email [email protected]
  • If a vehicle is blocking your driveway and you can’t get out, call police non-emergency at (510) 777-3333. An officer will be dispatched to cite and/or tow the vehicle as appropriate.
  • If a car is parked in your parking stall on private property, talk to your apartment manager or property manager. Oakland Police will not tow in this case.
  • Click here for more information about vehicle abatement from private property.


Information & Support for Tenants & Property Owners since COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium Ended on July 15th

  • On July 15, 2023, the City of Oakland’s COVID-19 pandemic-related eviction moratorium ended. The City is conducting an educational campaign to provide tenants and property owners with the information they need to understand how this policy change affects them, their rights, and how they can access support. Learn more here:
  • The Rental Adjustment Program will host several workshops from July 19th until November 15th. For more information, you can also check out the RAP website here:
  • I'm proud to have authored the original eviction moratorium legislation in March 2020 and worked with my colleagues and the community to protect tenant rights, help prevent displacement, and with the adopted budget to have added $1 million per year to provide tenant legal services.


Job Opportunities: Apply & Share!

Find City of Oakland Jobs here!

OPD is looking for Officers, Cadets and 9-1-1 Communications Dispatchers! From sworn officers to professional staff, OPD is always looking for kind, engaged, and committed people to join the department. Find out more about applying. Engage with us when we are out in the community, like we were at Castlemount High recently.