Let's really paint the Town

Maybe you’ve seen it. A 70-foot "Vote Nikki" mural has popped up on East 12th Street & 13th Avenue, just a few blocks from one of Oakland’s many homeless encampments.

We’ve been hard at work with D2 neighbors, kids, and artists. It’s a canvas for the community to express our hopes and dreams for what’s possible if we come together.

That hope is Nikki Fortunato Bas and her platform of equity, inclusion, and compassion.

Each of the mural’s flowers represents one of the many ethnic groups of our diverse city. With Nikki on City Council, I know that she will listen to all our concerns and take action to ensure Oakland does not lose its heart and soul.

The mural may be done, but you can still help paint the town - and I don’t mean a night of barhopping. I mean going door-to-door, phonebanking, and reaching every voter in D2. We’ve got to get the message out that Nikki is the voice we need for our community.

Will you volunteer to get out the vote?

If walking and talking is not your thing, I hope you’ll consider making a donation to the campaign. $25, $50, or $100 goes a long way. And if you’ve got more to give, the maximum contribution of $800 would be a gamechanger for Nikki--the same way she’ll be a gamechanger for Oakland.

Finally, I hope you’ll drive by the mural and see our work in person. Give a honk to show your support!

Best wishes,

Dana King
Sculptor, D2 resident and recovering journalist