My Platform - An Oakland For All of Us

Many of you have been with me since the campaign launch event at Kim Huong's restaurant back in December. You have contributed your time, money, and effort to ensuring that my campaign had a strong start. I thank you for being there and supporting me every step of the way. So many of you have joined me on the doors talking to neighbors and learning about what folks love about Oakland and what they want to see change.

Since April 21st we have knocked thousands of doors together and have had hundreds of one-on-one conversations with District 2 residents, asking one question: “What is your biggest issue you’d like to see addressed by your City Councilmember?” The responses we received were as varied as the neighborhoods we visited, but throughout District 2 one thing was clear; Oaklanders love our community, diversity, and rich cultural heritage. We love The Town. 

Over the course of almost 2 months, we had discussions about Oakland’s housing and homelessness crisis, public safety and the need to have a different approach to policing, how best to attract new business to Oakland while ensuring that our neighborhood small-businesses can afford to stay in Oakland, and much more. I learned so much and had such a great time connecting with my neighbors, the residents of District 2. It was these conversations that informed my platform for the Oakland City Council. 

I’m proud to share my platform with you today and feel that it reflects my own values while speaking to the needs and values of District 2. Please click here to view my platform for my campaign for the Oakland City Council. This platform is a product of community engagement, shared visions, and great conversations.

The next step for the campaign is to really get this platform out to voters, and we will do that on the doors and on the phones, but we need your help. Click here to sign-up for one of our volunteer mobilizations, and click here to contribute today to the campaign

A few key points from my platform:

I will: 

  • Prioritize housing for all Oaklanders
  • Establish a community approach to policing and safety
  • Tackle illegal dumping and other threats to quality of life
  • Promote a values-based City budget & thriving economy
  • Preserve our cultural heritage
  • Protect our environment and our residents’ health


I look forward to your feedback and input as the campaign continues, and I know that I can count on you over the next few months to ensure that we create An Oakland For All of Us.