Our Community Victory!

After Election Day, we awake with a new hope for Oakland. Mutual congratulations are in order; this is our victory for our communityour city, and our movement.



This victory is a result of our collective vision and hard work. I am in awe of all the people who stepped up to volunteer or give money. You believed in me and sacrificed time and money, talked to neighbors, had hard conversations, and gave everything you had to put forward our vision of equity. We won by over 13 percentage points. 

There was a clear mandate for community-driven government and leaders who are not part of the status quo political establishment. It’s more than just about me winning this seat, it’s about growing our movement and governing together.

It was a hard road to get here, and we have a hard road ahead. I will need you to govern. It’s cliché to say I’m humbled, but I am. Thank you for helping me to become Oakland’s first Filipina councilmember. The next phase will be much harder than the campaign, and only together can we take action and pass the policies we need on housing, community safety, and public services to create equity.

Before I take office in January, I will be working with my transition team and will hold a public meeting to plan for my first 100 days in office. Please join us to give your input and to continue to expand our reach.

It will take all of us to build an Oakland for all of us! Thank you so much, and I look forward to being your champion at City Hall.